Aventuras Mayas and British Airways

High Life Magazine The Yucatán Peninsula is revende for its cenotes – limestones sinkholes filled with water – and expert divers flock here for unparalleled expeditions. Chukum-Ha, inaccessible for decades and a former well, is just one of thousands. Near the small town of Valladolid, it’s 130 feet at its deepest point and covered in[…]

How to vacation like your Favorite Reality Tv Cast – Moon Palace Cancun

Little Women  The all-inclusive resort hosted the first ever international retreat for the Little Women team. In addition to the family-friendly environment of the resort, there’s plenty of fun activities to do such as Aventuras Mayas. The resort is fully accessible and accommodating so everyone can have the vacation of their lives! See the full post: https://www.eonline.com/news/1085205/how-to-vacation-like-your-favorite-reality-tv-casts

This “pueblo magico” has it all—nature, culture, shopping, architecture, food—but is still largely unexplored by foreigners.

The “Capital of the Mayan East” may be the second-largest city in the Yucatán State but embodies the alluring charm of a quaint town. You’ll enjoy a sense of peace as you stroll by the pastel colonial structures and 19th-century mansions that line Calzada de los Frailes in the historic downtown quarter.  Charming eateries on[…]